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Plumbing  /  January 14, 2022

Winnipeg Plumbing Repair: Why Is Your Washing Machine Leaking?

Winnipeg Plumbing Repair Why Is Your Washing Machine Leaking

A leaking washing machine can not only be frustrating but can also be dangerous. Leaking water can damage your home and prevent your washing machine from working properly, so review these common issues that may be causing your washer to leak. Prepare for dependable plumbing services in Winnipeg with the help of Handyman Connection.

Missing or Loose Hose Clamp

One common issue is a faulty hose clamp. Drain hoses connect to the back of washing machines and lead to the standpipe in your laundry room. This allows all the water to safely drain through your home’s septic system, not all over your floor.

Your drain hose slips on the back of your machine and is held in place with a hose clamp. This clamp can become loose over time and can allow the drain line to slip off as your washer vibrates. A drain line without any hose clamp will also easily slip off.

Don’t let this simple problem cause significant water damage in your home. Carefully inspect the back of your washer to see if the drain line is properly connected and has a hose clamp around it. If you’re unsure which line is the drain line or have difficulties securing a hose clamp, don’t hesitate to reach out to a local professional.

Clogged Filter or Catch Basket

A catch basket or filter is designed to catch debris before it enters the drain line or washing machine drum. These components are common in older washing machines, but many newer models don’t feature either of these parts.

Some filters are located at the end of the drain hose. Others are around the agitator or the washing machine drum. Be sure to keep yours cleaned, as a clogged filter or basket can cause your washer to overflow and leak.

A thorough cleaning may be all your filter needs, but you may also need to have it replaced. Check with a local contractor if you can’t find the location of your filter or this isn’t the issue.

Damaged Water Pump

Your washing machine may also leak if the water never makes it to the drum. A damaged water pump can leak water underneath or behind your machine.

The pump is a major component in your washing machine that requires professional expertise to troubleshoot and repair. Don’t attempt to take apart your pump on your own, but reach out to a trusted handyman for repair assistance.

How To Repair a Washing Machine

One of the most important steps to take if you have a leaking washing machine is to remove the moisture as quickly as possible. Turn the water off and unplug your washing machine before looking for the source of the leak.

A professional can quickly extract the water from your floor and use a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture. This helps reduce the risk of mould, mildew and rot in your flooring.

Once the area is dry, then a professional can help you diagnose a leaking washing machine. From a simple drain line clamp to a full water pump rebuild, an experienced appliance repair technician in your area can help you restore your washer.

Some water pump issues are caused by faulty wiring, while other problems are caused by leaking fittings or damaged water lines. Unless you’re experienced in plumbing, electrical and appliance repairs, this wide range of possible problems may be beyond your experience level. Thankfully, a local technician can help.

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