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Plumbing  /  January 26, 2023

Winnipeg Plumber: 4 Reasons You May Be Seeing Black Specs in Your Water

Reasons you may be seeing black specs in your water

Water quality is a concern for many people, and it is an industry motivator, as witnessed by the annual earnings of water filter and filtering product manufacturers. Still, even with filtering products or safe municipal drinking sources, you may notice black specs in your water. What does it mean? Is it dangerous? You should contact plumbing services in Winnipeg if you see black specs or anything suspicious in your water supply, but there can be many simple explanations.

1. Old Pipes

One of the leading causes of black specs in your water supply is old pipes. Pipes do not last forever. They may corrode as they age, causing tiny pipe pieces to break off and exit the system through a faucet.

If you notice pieces of your plumbing system coming through your faucet or you see specs in your water supply, contact a professional plumber. You will want to have your system assessed to ensure the pipes are still in good condition. 

If your system is good, the old pipes might be an issue for the municipality. Have the water tested and analyzed to determine the source of the free-floating particles. If the results show piping is the likely culprit, you will want to contact your insurer and a municipal official.

2. Mineral Deposits

Mineral deposits are another likely culprit of black specs in the water. The deposits are likely a mix of manganese and iron, and despite being startling, the specs are mostly harmless. However, you should contact a plumber to test your water and ensure the levels are not too high.

If you recently had bathroom renovations done, it is possible the jostling of existing pipes shook some calcium or other deposits loose. You may find black specs in your water in the days following the renovations. You may still want to call a plumber to discuss if the appearance of mineral deposits is normal.

3. Water Filter

Water filters use a granular activated carbon to remove unwanted elements in the water supply. If you only notice black specs in water coming from sinks connected to a filter, the filter is the likely culprit. You can try changing the filter to see if that resolves the issue. If it doesn’t, contact a professional to determine the underlying cause of the specs. Do not drink the water until you get to the bottom of the issue.

While many causes of specs are harmless, some can lead to consequences for your health. A plumber can help test your water supply to ensure it is safe. They can also assess your plumbing and water supply system to see if everything is in good working order.

4. Worn Out Rubber Parts

Do the black specs look like coffee grounds or something else? If they look like coffee grounds, your water filter likely needs replacing. If they look like something else, see if you can collect a few in your hand. Rub the specs between your fingers; do they feel rubbery? If so, they may be pieces of the rubber parts in your system — gaskets, washers, hoses, etc. 

A professional can help you identify the rubber components causing the problem and replace them. If replacing the rubber elements does not resolve your issue, further tests will be performed to determine the cause.

When did you start noticing black specs in your water supply? Contact Handyman Connection to talk with an experienced and licensed plumber and schedule an appointment. The plumber will come out to your property to assess your problem and help identify any possible cause. Using their years of experience, they will make their best conclusion and propose a possible solution.

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