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Home Improvement  /  May 29, 2020


Spring is one of my favorite seasons because it is a great time to address any roof damage that came with the fall and winter, and clean those often-neglected gutters and downspouts.

You can make sure the air conditioner will work when temperatures skyrocket and take steps to prevent your clothes dryer from catching on fire.It is possible to do these things, and more, to improve your home and enhance your life. But first, you need to have a plan. And for that, read on!

Regular roof maintenance is the most important maintenance tasks you can do around the home, since the roof protects you and everything inside your home. You should keep your roof clean, clear and in good shape, as small problems today can lead to much bigger ones in the future.

After you have worked on the roof, check the gutters, which have probably accumulated lots of leaves and debris during the cooler seasons. Nothing good comes from clogged, overflowing gutters — but they can lead to rotten fascia boards, water damage, pests and maybe even damage to your home’s foundation.

As temperatures start to warm up in the spring, now is the perfect time to call a professional to service your heating and cooling system. Many homeowners ignore the air conditioning and furnace until they suddenly stop working. And it is never fun to live in an uncomfortable house and wait on a list to receive help during peak demand.

Lint buildup in your clothes dryer or its vent pipe is one of those home maintenance chores that often are forgotten but could not be more important. That is because accumulation of lint reduces your dryer’s efficiency, at least, and could be a fire hazard, at worst.

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