Garage Storage and Organization: Essential Tips

A garage is quite a versatile space. Apart from sheltering your vehicle, it can also serve as storage for a variety of things like unused furniture, handyman tools and other knick knacks. However, if your garage is already overflowing with stuff, you should take time to reorganize and think of better storage solutions for your belongings. In this post, Handyman Connection® of Orange County shares a few storage and organization tips to keep your garage in order.

Come Up With a Plan

Rearranging your entire garage can be a lot of work. Some people prefer to finish everything up in one day, while others find it easier to carry out the task over a number of shorter sessions. Whatever works for you, though, don’t forget to come up with a plan. Be strategic in allocating space in your garage so that you can maximize the room. Take inventory of all the items you have and decide which ones you are going to keep vs. throw away.

Use Labels

Make use of labels so that you can easily find any item whenever you need it. This would surely be a lot more convenient than digging through multiple boxes over and over again. Save yourself the trouble and put on labels wherever you need them.

Never Pile Things on the Floor or on Top of Each Other

Piling things on the floor or on top of each other will only make your garage look cluttered. Make sure that you have enough cabinets and shelves to store various items. Check your inventory to figure out the specific types of storage that will suit your needs. Just don’t go overboard with your cabinets. You still want to have enough space to accommodate your vehicle.

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