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Plumbing Services in McKinney

Maintaining your home involves many different factors, and few are as important as monitoring and repairing your plumbing system. Updating pipes and showerheads and fixing water-wasting leaks can prevent problems with the decay of building materials, and at Handyman Connection, we can provide you with a variety of plumbing services in McKinney, Texas to meet all of your repair and renovation needs.

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Do-It-Yourself Plumbing Problems 

Some homeowners make the mistake of believing that they can fix almost any plumbing problem with a trip to the local hardware superstore, but this usually causes more trouble than it solves. Many types of plumbing problems may not seem serious at first, but amateur repairs and temporary fixes can result in serious problems for you and your family, including:
  • An increase in water waste
  • Overflowing sinks or toilets
  • Increased leaks
  • Damaged pipes and toilet hardware
Our handymen can provide you with professional plumbing services and protect your home from the damage that quick or incorrect fixes might cause.

We Offer A Variety of Services 

Your family depends on the plumbing in their home to work consistently and in a way that does not cause problems with washing clothes, showering, and cooking. When leaks, pipe breaks, or malfunctioning water lines cause trouble, our Handyman Connection contractors can assist you with a wide array of repairs so you do not have to spend your free time trying to puzzle out a solution on your own.

Faucet Leaks 

Even small faucet leaks can raise your water bill and waste gallons of water each day. Our handymen have the experience to chase down leaks, find their source and repair the problem for a tight seal that can help prevent future water loss.

Replacing or Adding Water Lines 

If you have an older home in Collin County, your water lines may need replacement to prevent leaks or line bursts that could cause costly floods. Replacing these lines in a safe and professional manner can prevent serious water supply problems later on. If you want to install a dishwasher or a fridge that dispenses ice or drinking water, our plumbing professionals can add water lines to your home to ensure these appliances work properly.

Adding or Repairing Mixer Valves 

Your plumbing's mixer valves blend hot and cold water to provide certain areas of your home with temperature-controlled results with a single function. When these valves malfunction, your hot and cold water may not mix correctly. Our plumbers can repair these valves or add them to your home for your convenience in almost any area, including around your pool or in the laundry room.

Moving Drains and Supply Lines 

If you are ready for some home remodeling related to plumbing, you may wonder, "Is there a handyman near me who can perform multiple plumbing services?" At Handyman Connection, our plumbers have plenty of experience if you need drains or water supply lines moved during any remodeling job.

Resolving Toilet Problems 

If your toilet does not flush properly, has a low flush strength issue, or clogs often, then you need a handyman in McKinney who can replace flanges and other toilet hardware to create a stronger seal and a more efficient flush. If your toilet needs replacing, our plumbing contractors can remove an old unit and install a new one in a way that does not affect your home's existing water lines.

Professional Plumbing Services on Your Schedule 

Plumbing problems always seem to occur when you have the least amount of time to repair them, and temporary fixes might lead to more serious leaks and other water supply problems. Our contractors can repair almost any plumbing issue you face, on your schedule, which leaves you with more free time to spend with friends and family.

Contact a Handyman in McKinney for Plumbing Services Today 

When plumbing problems occur, DIY fixes rarely solve them and could even make an issue worse. Contact us here at Handyman Connection today for a free estimate or give us a call to end your home's plumbing problems.

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