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Drywall Services in McKinney

As a homeowner, you may occasionally face the need for drywall repairs or to add new drywall when creating additional spaces inside your home, such as an expanded closet or bedroom. At Handyman Connection, we can help you with a wide variety of drywall services in McKinney, Texas, from replacing damaged walls to patching and repair needs, our guaranteed drywall services can improve and enhance the appearance of any room in your home.

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Avoid Do-It-Yourself Drywall Disasters

While drywall is a useful building material, hanging, patching and replacing certain sections requires experience in handling and cutting the drywall properly. Attempting DIY home repairs can lead to a variety of problems, including:
  • Incorrect cutting
  • Using too much putty/joint compound
  • Crooked drywall cuts
  • Uneven hanging
Any of these errors can result in having to recut or rehang your drywall, which wastes building materials and time. Calling us for drywall services can prevent these errors and leave you with more time to relax as we handle your project.

Our Drywall Services in Collin County

Our experienced handymen can provide you with a variety of drywall needs and assist you with almost any project. Not only do we offer free project consultations, but our contractors will also walk you through the project process so you remain informed and feel confident about the end result.

Painting and Priming 

Priming drywall can ensure that colors and paint textures match the existing walls. This is especially important when you want to expand a room in your home or add extra space, such as a small guest bedroom. Proper drywall priming can ensure that any painting job our handymen perform once they prime the drywall appears even. Priming can also help drywall last longer.

Drywall Home Repairs 

Drywall damage happens in a variety of ways, from deep gouges while moving furniture to moisture damage caused by a nearby broken water line. Our handymen can remove or repair damaged sections of drywall and properly secure any new section.

Taping and Floating Drywall 

Completing the appearance of drywall by hiding the joints with drywall tape makes corners and drywall sections appear seamless. Your handyman will then float the joints by adding an additional layer of compound over the tape, which gives your new walls a professional, finished appearance. Taping joists and handling the mud compound requires experience with such projects because if the tape is placed incorrectly, the joints of the project may not look evenly finished and possibly make the joint less stable.

Ceiling Repairs

You may experience ceiling drywall damage from a flood on the floor above that ceiling section or notice weak areas from older patch jobs. Our handymen can replace or repair these spots or replace the entire ceiling to prevent future problems. Weak ceiling sections can pose a danger to any member of your family because they can fail unexpectedly or cause instability in ceiling fixtures, such as lighting and accompanying hardware.

The Handyman Connection Guarantee 

Drywall home repairs usually involve many steps that require experience and know-how, along with skill when it comes to using the tools required. Our handymen can tackle almost any drywall issue in your home and provide you with peace of mind that any work performed comes with a written guarantee. From removing old, outdated wallpaper to replacing entire sections of drywall, Handyman Connection has you covered, no matter the size or scope of your project. Our handymen in McKinney, Texas arrive at your home fully insured and background checked, so you never have to worry about the type of problems you might encounter when hiring handymen from an advertising website.

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When you need drywall services in McKinney why waste time and money trying to hang or patch it yourself? Contact us today at Handyman Connection for a free project estimate or call us at (972) 439-9694 for more information regarding our drywall services.

Drywall Repair Services We Specialize In

  • Restoring discolored and damaged areas
  • Framing to install a patch or replacement
  • Patching holes in ceilings or walls
  • Repairing tape seams and nail pops
  • Installation of new drywall
  • Tape, mud, and float seams
  • Prime before texturing to hide seams
  • Texture to match existing surface: flat, knock-down, popcorn, and orange peel
  • Removing wallpaper
  • Priming and painting drywall
If there happens to be another kind of drywall service that you are in need of for you and your home, please still get in touch with us! Our goal is to help you in any way possible, and your satisfaction is our number one priority. Get an Estimate

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