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Storage Solutions in Mckinney

If you are like most homeowners, then you probably have storage issues. Books, tools, cleaning products, clothes, and toys tend to pile up over the years, and even when you clean out the clutter, you might find you still require extra space. Here at Handyman Connection, we can provide you with a variety of storage solutions in McKinney, Texas to help you organize your home in a way that is both practical and stylish.

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Quality Storage Solutions Can Protect Your Home 

While you may not think of storage solutions as a way to protect your home and family, improper storage can cause several surprising problems. For example, storing clothing, books, and other items in cardboard boxes leaves them vulnerable to both moisture and insect damage. Cardboard boxes can dry out and fall apart within months of storage, especially if you keep them in a hot, dry attic or a basement with a high moisture level. Using temporary storage solutions can also invite insects and spiders into your home. These pests can nest in clutter, including overflowing storage boxes, and cause a serious infestation. Calling in our handymen for storage solutions in McKinney, Texas can help you prevent these issues.

The Advantages of Custom Storage 

Our handymen will build your new storage space to certain specifications that blend seamlessly into your home and eliminate the need for storage tubs and other bulky containers that take up a lot of space. Revolving shelves in closets and in the kitchen will allow you to see your items at a quick glance instead of having to dig through dusty storage tubs to find what you need. Because custom options for storage are nearly endless, our handymen can offer you a few suggestions to get you started.

We Offer a Variety of Storage Options 

Our handymen can provide you with a variety of storage options for almost any room in your home. From built-in bookshelves for your child's room to shelving in the garage to keep dangerous chemicals out of reach, our contractors can design and walk you through almost any storage design that fits the look and feel of your home. Making the most of your home's storage space during remodeling or home renovations in McKinney, Texas can provide you with shelving, hidden drawers, and other solutions that grow with your family.

Storage for the Kids 

As your children grow, their storage needs may change, especially when it comes to storing new clothing, toys, and electronics. adding drawers or shelving to existing closet space or expanding the size of their closets, with the help of our contractors, can reduce clutter in your kids' rooms and give them the opportunity to organize the new space however they like.

Laundry Room Storage 

Your home's laundry space can greatly benefit from our storage solutions. Our handymen can increase shelf space so you can put dangerous products, such as laundry pods and detergent, out of reach of curious young hands. Additionally, because storage and organization often go hand in hand, our custom shelving and cabinet spaces allow you to create a space specifically designed for the way you wash and dry your clothes.

Kick Back With a Custom Entertainment Center 

While streaming content does provide some homeowners with reduced DVD and electronic clutter in the living room, if you collect movies, vinyl records, and other types of classic media, our handymen can construct a custom home entertainment center to meet all of your storage needs. Our contractors have both the experience and know-how when it comes to building custom storage solutions in McKinney, Texas, and they can walk you through the design process and the actual construction so you stay in the loop at all times.

Call Us Now for Storage Solutions in McKinney

If you find that your growing family is causing your home's storage space to shrink, call Handyman Connection today or request a free estimate to take the first steps in improving your family's storage needs. We service all of Collin County and look forward to working with you.

Home Storage Services We Specialize In:

  • Installing pre-fabricated home shelving systems
  • Planning and installing new closet shelving and storage
  • Designing and implementing custom shelving
  • Installing built-in bookcases
  • Adding laundry shelving
  • Custom entertainment centers
  • Garage shelving
If there is another kind of storage service that you need for your home to be better organized, please get in touch with us still! Our priority is that you are completely satisfied with the work done, and whatever you need will be taken care of. Get an Estimate

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