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Aging in Place in McKinney

Managing and maintaining your family home as you age can be more difficult if you don’t have a lot of help. It can also be a struggle if you are alone, disabled or experiencing health problems. Instead of trying to do it all by yourself, work with a team of professionals to help with maintenance tasks and home repairs for seniors with McKinney’s own Handyman Connection.

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Staying in Your Home While You Age

Seniors who stay in the family home throughout their life may feel happier and more independent than their peers who move into assisted living facilities. If you want to age in place and keep your home, you’ll need a support system to help. You’ll also need to plan ahead with a trusted contractor, like the Handyman Connection, to make modifications to your home for improved mobility and access. Find out more about the services our experienced handyman in McKinney provides.

Top Repair Services in McKinney for Senior Homeowners

Your home can continue to be your perfect choice for comfort and relaxation if you make some changes. Our handymen can help increase your home’s safety and security for this stage of life. We can also help with routine home maintenance. Here are our recommended home repairs for seniors:

Grab Bar Installation

We can install grab bars near the toilets, showers and bathtubs to help you maintain your independent lifestyle. Grab bars also help prevent dangerous falls and make slippery bathroom floors a little safer.

Accessibility Ramp Features

A handyman in McKinney can also install ramps for your home’s entrances. We can build a fixed accessibility ramp or create a portable solution if you are using a wheelchair or another type of mobility device.

Shower Seat and Walk-In Tub Transformations

Another place that we advise seniors to modify is the shower or tub. Our pros can add a comfortable shower seat that makes personal hygiene more feasible. We also install walk-in tubs in existing bathroom footprints to make things more convenient.

Motion Sensor Faucets

Arthritis and other disabilities may make it more difficult to operate the kitchen and bathroom faucets. We can help by putting motion sensor technology into your kitchen and bathroom water fixtures. This also prevents those absent-minded moments of leaving the water running.

Kitchen Countertop Height Modifications

Our repair services in McKinney also include modifying the height of your kitchen and bathroom counters. If you or your loved ones have to use a wheelchair, the standard kitchen or bathroom countertop height isn’t an option. We can lower or raise countertops to be more accessible for you and your lifestyle.

Roll-Out Shelving Features

The next modification on the list of home repairs for seniors is roll-out shelving. This is a shelving feature that makes items easier to access in kitchen, bathroom or garage cabinets. We can install roll-out shelving that helps save space and make items easier to reach.

Anti-Slip Flooring

A top fall hazard in many homes is the floor, especially if the carpet needs to be replaced or the floor is something slippery like vinyl or tile. Part of our home repairs for seniors includes flooring services, such as replacing slippery styles with something safer and more secure. We can help you choose an anti-slip floor option that looks great and gives you some peace of mind.

Choose Our Pros for Home Repairs for Seniors

If you want to continue to thrive in your golden years, you need a reliable contractor who can be there for you when your home needs us. When you need an air conditioner installed in the middle of a brutal Texas summer or you need to widen your halls for wheelchair access inside of your home, we can help. Learn more about our other services for seniors by reaching out to us today. If you have specific modifications you’re thinking about to your home to make it more accessible as you age, get a free estimate from someone on our team. Let us guide you through our home repairs for seniors process so you can enjoy independent living for as long as possible.

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