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Home Improvement  /  November 5, 2020

Garage Storage Organizing Ideas for Your Garage

Professional Organizing Ideas for Your Garage and Garage Storage Options in McKinney, TX & Surrounding Areas

Whether you have just moved into a new home or you have more than a few years of stuff accumulating in your garage, it’s time to take a look at how to reorganize the space into a more productive and decluttered area. Here is our professional handyman’s advice on how to take advantage of the space in your garage and make it an organized space.

The first step to organizing any room is to look at what you have. Before you begin planning your garage storage options, empty out the garage and begin going through everything. Make separate out of the way piles to put items you will keep, throw away, or donate. This will help to cut through the clutter and give you a more manageable endeavor.

When deciding where to put everything in the garage, a good rule of thumb is to try to get everything you can up off the floor. For example, the shoes all piled by the door or the kids bikes and toys in the corner not only look messy, they crowd the space you walk through every day to get to your car as you leave for work or school. You can invest in shelving, storage containers, and get a little creative when figuring out how to use the space.

Your garage has plenty of wall space and storage options to take advantage of. Consider having shelving units installed, cabinets, counters, and more. These options will allow you to pick up and put away the items in your garage. Hang the bikes from the ceiling or have a cabinet with labelled bins telling you where the gardening gloves are in one box, and where the toys are in the other. With customizable storage options, your garage storage is limitless.

A well organized garage will give you a piece of mind and will improve the safety of your home as  you declutter, get rid of any tripping hazards, and take back the space you pass through every day. Your garage storage can get creative with the help of a handyman who can build and install cabinets or shelves.

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