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Home Improvement  /  July 28, 2016

5 Inexpensive Ways To Add Value To Your Home

When you spend time doing small projects that add value to your home, then it can feel like you are getting money for nothing. Not everyone has the money to get their kitchen completely remodeled, but every homeowner would love to take steps to increase their home’s value. You can use Handyman Connection of McKinney to bring in a professional who can add value to your home at a reasonable price, and you can also try out some projects on your own to boost your property’s value.

Clean Up And Improve Your Landscaping

If you want to add value to your home, then simply mowing your lawn is not enough. If you have walkways that offer nothing interesting to people visiting you for the first time, then plant some inexpensive flowers to line the way. If you have an open area in your front yard, then consider planting a tree and watch it become the focal point of your curb appeal.

Most people allow their backyards to look a little worn, which can decrease property values. Invest in an inexpensive weed trimmer and make sure that you get your lawn looking great every weekend to enhance the look of your landscaping. If you have hedges, then trim them to look like a professional did the job and you will see a boost in your property value.

Add Light To The Outside

Security lighting that is controlled by motion sensors will not only add value to your property, but it may even get you a discount on your homeowner’s insurance. You can invest in solar powered landscape lights to highlight the best elements of your yard at night, and add some light to your walkways. It may not seem like you are adding much, but outdoor lighting will add some value to your home.

Clear Up Outdoor Clutter

The size of your property can influence its value, but the amount of available space on your property can increase that value. If you own a large plot of land but it is cluttered by vegetation and old washing machines to the point where most of the property cannot be used, then that affects your property value. When you clear away the clutter, you make your property look bigger and that adds money to your property’s value.

Small Updates To The Bathroom

The value of your home often depends on how it looks. If your bathroom looks worn, then that is going to negatively affect your property value. But if you put in new bathroom hardware such as new towel racks and put a fresh coat of paint on the wall, then you can increase the value of your home.

A clean bathroom that looks well-kept is going to enhance the value of your property. All it takes is some new hardware on the walls and a coat of paint on the ceiling to watch your home’s value grow.

Upgrade The Kitchen Too

You don’t need to invest in a kitchen remodeling project that costs tens of thousands of dollars to get the best results. You can buy a material that is applied to your kitchen counters like paint that will give you a brand new counter look. If you put new hardware on your cabinets and paint the cabinet wood, then you are looking at a project that will boost your property’s value considerably.

The biggest misconception when it comes to owning a home is that it takes thousands of dollars in upgrades to boost the value of your property. With a few well-placed projects, you can increase your home’s value and spend a lot less than you would think. You can also use Handyman Connection of McKinney to bring in an experienced professional who can recommend projects that will really give you a big return on your dollar.

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