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Painting  /  September 30, 2021

How to Choose Interior Paint Colors

paint brushes and swatches

Find the Best Interior Paint for Your Home: How to Choose Interior Paint Colors in Colorado Springs, CO & Surrounding Areas

Did you know the feeling and look of your room can be greatly influenced by its colors? While some colors can look cheery, bright, or dreary, did you know certain colors can affect the perception of a room’s size? Learn more about how to pick out the interior paint colors you need.

While there are many options of interior paint to choose from, enjoy the possibilities instead of getting overwhelmed, because there are many that you can like, and there are many great choices to make. There are two big differences in color from dark and light that we would like to cover.

Dark Colors

Dark paint colors can be a variety of things from dark neutral tones to dark blues, purples, and greens. These colors will absorb light and can make a space feel smaller! This might be ideal for a big room, paint it a darker color to make it cozier. Or, if you do have a small room, you can always experiment with accent walls, three walls light, the fourth wall dark or vibrant.

Light Colors

Light colored paint is a versatile interior paint color. White, beige, light-gray, pale-yellow, pale-blue, pastels, and off-white are very welcoming and airy colors. As you can imagine, opposite of the dark colors, these colors can make a room feel very open and big. You can have a big light room or make a room feel bigger with light interior paint if it is small to begin with. Paired with good lighting, you can create an expansive impact.

From dark to light colors and all in-between, you have many options to choose from. Patterns, two-tone designs, accent walls, and more can allow you to use more than one color, possibly making your choice even more exciting. Take your time and see what colors work for you!

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