Ceiling Fan Installation

A ceiling fan does more than just add a decorative element to a room; it also improves air circulation, which can make heating and cooling more effective and efficient in almost any room of your home. Whether you have high, sloped, or low ceilings, or if you require an integrated light fixture or remote controls, you’re sure to find the perfect ceiling fan for your application.

Adding a Ceiling Fan

Adding a ceiling fan to your home is an excellent way to improve comfort without sacrificing style or convenience. If you already have a light fixture in the location where you want to install a fan, a few upgrades to support the weight of the fan and the installation of appropriate switches is all that is required to make the conversion. If you want to install a fan in a location where there is no existing wiring, the job is a little more complicated, but it is still a routine project for an experienced pro. A licensed electrician is required to install a ceiling fan because new wiring and a switch are required.

Ceiling Fan Replacement

If your ceiling fan needs to be replaced, having a professional install a new model in the same location is a simple task. In most cases, the existing wiring and switch can be reused, allowing you to get your new fan up and running in no time. If replacing a fan necessitates changes or upgrades to wiring, supports, or switches, the job may take a little longer.

Working with your home’s wiring is required whether you’re installing a ceiling fan in a new location or upgrading an existing fan to a new model. A licensed electrician can handle the job safely and will make certain that the power supply, switch, and supports are suitable for your new ceiling fan.

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