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Storage  /  August 24, 2022

Organize Your Garage in the North Canton Area

organized garage

Your garage isn’t just a place to park your car. If you have only one car, then it’s likely that your garage will have an abundance of space available. This extra space can quickly become a storage area for various tools, chemicals, and items that you no longer use or aren’t using in the meantime. With that said, it’s no surprise that the garage is the fastest area of your home that becomes cluttered. Thankfully, there are ways to get around this issue.

In this post, Handyman Connection of North Canton discusses the best ways to organize a cluttered garage.

Get Rid of What Isn’t Needed

Sometimes, you’re storing things you no longer need. Usually, this is because of sentimental value or a thought at the back of your mind that you might need it in the future. However, if you haven’t used something for a year or longer, get rid of it to avoid cluttering your garage. Categorize your items into what you need, what you can donate and what you should throw away. Bring everything out onto your driveway and organize them into zones. Alternatively, you can also choose a corner to start with and start sifting through the items there to categorize them.


It can be tempting to just put everything in a few boxes and stack them up in your garage. However, this isn’t efficient, especially if you must search every box when you need something. Instead, invest in building some shelves in your garage for easier storage and access. To have storage shelves built in your garage, you can always turn to the professionals at Handyman Connection of North Canton.

Store in Proper Areas

Another way to organize your garage is by taking items of the same category and putting them in certain zones in your garage. Think of it as creating zones like the one you see in hardware stores; divide your garage into certain areas and items of the same category in one area, such as sports equipment in one corner and car maintenance tools in another.


Finally, keep up your organization by returning to your garage twice a year and fixing things up once again. You’d be surprised at the number of items that can build up in your garage over the course of six months, so be sure to check in and reorganize every now and then.

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