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Elevate Your Viewing Experience: Handy Tips for Wall-Mounting Your TV from Handyman Connection

With Black Friday fast approaching, maybe you’re starting to think that you really want to enhance the look and feel of your home. Maybe that means getting a new TV. It’s a great way to increase the feeling of comfort inside your home, whether it’s watching an exciting football game or watching a family favorite movie or TV show. Mounting your TV on the wall is a fantastic way to create a sleek, modern look for your living space and enhance your viewing experience. However, it’s essential to approach this task with careful planning and attention to detail to ensure that your TV is securely and aesthetically mounted. Here are some helpful tips to get it right, along with how Handyman Connection can assist you:

1. Choose the Right Location:
Before you start drilling holes in your wall, carefully consider the optimal location for your TV. Factors to consider include viewing height, glare from windows or lights, and the room’s layout. Ideally, your TV should be at eye level when seated, and it should be mounted where you have a direct line of sight from your seating area. If you’re unsure about the best placement, Handyman Connection’s professionals can offer expert advice based on your room’s layout.

2. Use a Stud Finder:
To securely mount your TV, you’ll need to attach it to the wall’s studs. A stud finder is an essential tool for locating these structural supports within your wall. Make sure to use the studs to anchor your TV mount, as they provide the necessary strength to support the weight of the TV. If you’re uncomfortable using a stud finder or want to ensure a secure installation, Handyman Connection’s skilled craftsmen can handle this step for you.

3. Measure and Mark:
Once you’ve found the studs, measure and mark the desired height for your TV mount. Use a level to ensure that the mounting bracket will be perfectly horizontal. Take your time with this step, as precise measurements and a level mount are crucial for a professional-looking result. Handyman Connection’s experienced craftsmen can assist with precise measurements and ensure a level installation.

4. Conceal Cables:
One of the advantages of wall-mounting your TV is the ability to hide unsightly cables. Consider using cable management systems, like cable raceways or in-wall cable conduits, to conceal and route cables along the wall. This creates a clean and organized appearance. Handyman Connection can assist in selecting and installing the right cable management solutions for your setup.

5. Securely Attach the Mount:
Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for attaching the TV mount to the wall. Use appropriate anchors and screws designed for the specific wall type (drywall, concrete, or plaster). Ensure the mount is securely fastened to the wall, distributing the weight evenly across the mounting bracket. If you prefer professional assistance, Handyman Connection’s skilled craftsmen are well-versed in mounting brackets and can ensure a secure attachment. For more information, check out our Home Maintenance page and see how we can help you!

6. Build a Custom Built-In TV Wall:

One last great idea is to build maybe even a custom built-in TV wall! This is a great way to make your own entertainment center built to your desired specifications and build it how you want it. If you need some professional help in making this idea a reality, check out our Custom Home Storage services for more information and to book our services today!


By following these tips and considering the assistance of Handyman Connection, you can enjoy a perfectly mounted TV that not only enhances your viewing experience but also adds a stylish touch to your living space. Our professionals are ready to help at every step of the process, ensuring a secure and aesthetically pleasing installation.

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