Newsletter  /  August 8, 2023

September Home Organization Project: The Master Closet

Do you need to whip your master closet into shape? Walk-in closets tend to get quickly overrun with piles of clothing and shoes, but we can help you get things organized so you no longer have to hunt for your favorite pieces. Here’s how.

  • Purchase closet organizers. Closet organizing systems range from custom shelving installations to budget-friendly organization hacks. Focus on what will make the storage space in the closet more accessible to you within your budget. Be sure to measure your closet carefully before buying a new storage item.
  • Empty your closet. That’s right, take everything out, including shoes and accessories. Wipe down the shelving, vacuum carpet, sweep flooring, and dust baskets and bins. This gives you a fresh perspective on the space you have to work with.
  • Sort clothing and other items. This is the time to get rid of clothing you don’t wear. If it’s an item you love and wear regularly, put it back in the closet. If it no longer fits or you haven’t worn it in the last year, remove it. Evaluate each cast-off item, deciding whether it will be sold, donated or trashed.
  • Organize clothing, shoes and accessories. Group like items with like (belts, dresses, blouses, work pants, jeans, etc.) and decide the best place to store each group within the closet. Make sure the clothing you wear most is easily accessible at the front. Within each group, organize clothes by color to make it faster and easier to coordinate outfits.
  • Maintain closet organization. Occasionally complete a review of your closet to maintain it, reorganizing by group and color and rotating seasonal items.

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