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Home Maintenance Checklist for the Fall

Home Maintenance Checklist for the Fall

Home maintenance is important because it helps prevent damage from occurring over time. If you want to get started, here is a home maintenance checklist for this fall.

Checking Your Electrical System

Electrical systems play a crucial role in keeping your home safe. They power everything from lights to appliances to security cameras. So when you work on electrical systems, you want to make sure that they’re working correctly.

One way to test your system is by plugging in a lamp or appliance. If it doesn’t turn on, you’ll want to contact a professional right away.

Install Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping is designed to stop air from escaping through cracks and crevices. This prevents moisture buildup and condensation. It can be used for doors and windows.


Inspect and replace caulking around windows, doors, and entry points for electrical, cable, phone, and gas.

Cleaning Gutters

Gutters collect rainwater and debris on your roof. If they’re clogged, this can cause leaks and mold.

So, if gutters are dirty, you’ll want to clean them periodically. To do so, simply pour hot water down the gutter. Then, run a hose through it to rinse away the dirt.

Repainting Walls

Walls are often painted to change the color scheme of a room. But if they start peeling or fading, you may need a fresh coat of paint.

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