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Breaking up Spaces with Open Shelves

Breaking up Spaces with Open Shelves

Breaking up spaces with open shelves is a great way to add some character and liveliness to any room. It is an effective way to store your books, glasses, and other knick-knacks in a space-saving manner. An open shelf also gives your room an appealing look when full of colorfully arranged objects and displays. Here are three ways in which you can use open shelves:

  1. Display decorative items: Punch up any wall in your living room with some whimsical decorations such as colorful vintage books or family photographs. These items will add interest and create a cozy atmosphere for your home without having to purchase expensive pieces of art or furniture.
  2. Use some color: A simple shelving unit that is open and exposed is perfect for adding pops of color in your living room. It looks great holding a variety of vases and bowls filled with brightly colored flowers or other plants. You can also use this type of shelving to hold colorful books.
  3. Keep things off the floor: If you have hardwood floors, an open shelving unit is the perfect way to keep items such as books and magazines off the floor. It’s a stylish way to keep things tidy in your living room and it will cut down on clutter all over your house. By keeping your living room items off the floor, you will be able to save money on cleaning supplies and will also be able to get more comfortable as you sit on your sofa.

Not every room can accommodate open shelves. If you live in a space with limited floor space, you should use this technique in spaces that have high ceilings; otherwise, it might result in an uncomfortable view of the ceiling when only half of the shelf is visible. In this case, you can use shelves that are closed at the top to create more height without making your living room feel cluttered or narrow.

When deciding on how many shelves to purchase for your apartment or house open shelves can work wonders. You can choose from a variety of different shapes and sizes. For example, you could go with a basic rectangular shape that fits comfortably in your living room. Or you could opt for a more decorative shelf and fill it with pictures and multi-colored books that fit your home’s theme. No matter what type of shelving unit you choose, having an open shelving technique in your living room will provide the perfect solution for displaying items without taking up any floor space in your home.

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