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Fireplace Makeover

Fireplace Makeover

Dependable Professional Tips on Fireplace Makeovers

Fireplaces and mantels are beautiful additions to any home. These classic structures can be used and enjoyed in several ways. But, when it comes to remodeling a room, it can be hard to work around the fireplace since it is not something that can be moved. Fireplaces can be changed and updated so let’s get creative and see how you can give your fireplace a makeover.

Fireplace Makeovers

A good place to start when giving your fireplace a new makeover is to clean it well. Wipe down and clear the area before you start to work. If you are planning on painting, sanding, and more, put down painters’ cloth to protect your floors around the fireplace so you can work without making a mess in your home.

Whether your fireplace is old and needs updating, or you are looking for a different look, here are some quality fireplace makeovers to consider or try out:

  • Painting the brass surround.
  • Sealing the stone and brick hearth.
  • Retiling with easy peel-and-stick tiles for new colors, textures, and designs.
  • Sanding, painting, and refinishing that mantle.
  • Whitewash or painting the brick and stone of your fireplace.
  •  Replace the Mantle.

Keep in mind what kind of fireplace you have as you make these changes. If you have a gas or natural fireplace, you will need to use heat-resistant and fire-proof materials when completing these updates. Certain paints or sealants will take time to cure and dry so be sure to check the packaging on these items before you use your fireplace again after the update.

There are many ways to update and change your old fireplace with a fireplace makeover. Don’t let fireplaces hold you back from creating the look you have always wanted in your room. A good whitewashing, painting, or retiling can give a fireplace a whole new life. See what changes you would like to make and start planning right away.

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