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Entryway Makeover

Entryway Makeover

Professional Tips for an Entryway Makeover

We all know the familiar image. You come home from work and kick off your shoes in the entryway. Next, the kids come home and drop their bags and coats on the floor. Day in and out, the entryway into your home that is supposed to be easy to come in and out of, becomes a cluttered place. It’s important to keep the floor of this area clear to avoid tripping hazards. No one wants to see a mess as soon as they step into their home either. Let’s solve this problem with an entryway makeover.

The Floor

As a rule, it’s important to keep everything up off the floor. Items on the floor, even shoes, can cause tripping hazards, falls, and more. As you start to rethink your space, make the rule that your floor must stay clear at all times. While this sounds a little impossible now, we have some great tips for you to make this a possibility.

The Walls

Get everything off the floor and hung up nicely. This can be achieved a few different ways. Small hooks or racks can be a great place to hang up your car keys, bags, purses, and jackets, as needed. Installing shelves with hooks, or normal shelves will give you more space to set things down instead of dropping everything on the floor.


Install a custom cabinet! Custom cabinetry is a great way to unlock the potential in any room. This can be a closet to hang your jackets, book bags, and store your shoes. If you want something more accessible and maybe not behind closed doors, create a custom shelving unit that is open to easily grab what you need as you head out or into the home.

Invest in a shoe rack, hang up your keys, and make a home for your jackets. These tips will help you organize your entry way and give it a complete makeover. Start planning your home improvement right away.

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