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What is a Garden Box and How to Build One

garden box

What is a Garden Box and How to Build One with For Your Yard

If you are looking to add a garden to your yard, it is a lot of work when it comes to picking the location, researching what plants you will use and preparing and installing the garden bed. It takes a lot of digging, the removal of sod, and more to prepare a section of ground for a garden. But what if you could skip that and create one more easily?  

What is a Garden Box?

A garden box is a raised or elevated garden bed that can keep your plants in a convenient area. Constructed from a simple frame, they can be built at any size, height, and more.

Benefits of a Garden Box

  • A garden box saves you the time of preparing the soil in your backyard for a garden.
  • It is easy to access for upkeep and maintenance.
  • It has a neat appearance—no edging required thanks to the box’s sides.
  • A great way to separate different kinds of plants that spread or need certain kids of care.
  • Better drainage for plants.
  • Less grub damage and less weeds.
How to Build a Garden Box

Clear an area of your yard from all debris. The garden box is a constructed frame that will need to be deep enough to hold the soil for the plants and to provide a border. To build a basic box, you will need 6 boards and scrap wood to create the corner braces and side braces outside the frame. 3-inch screws and a drill are all you need to get the job done.

Once the frame is built, fill it with topsoil, compost, and peat moss depending on your plants’ needs and make sure there is 10 inches of dirt. Do not pack the dirt.

With these tips and exploration on the topic of garden boxes, you will be ready to create one right away. If you are not too handy or don’t have the time to construct one on your own, consider looking into local handyman companies where their craftspeople can lend a helping hand. Either way, enjoy your new garden in no time.

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