Uncategorized  /  June 21, 2021

Home Upgrades with the Highest ROI

If you don’t plan on living in your current home forever, making intentional upgrades can provide a generous return on your investment. Here are five home upgrades to consider and the percentages of their return.

  1. Manufactured stone veneers add a beautiful high-end element to your home’s exterior with a 94.9% ROI.
  2. Garage door replacement essentially pays for itself with a 97.5% return on investment.
  3. Deck add-on, a great way to help buyers envision outdoor fun and adds an extra entertaining space to your home with a 75.6% ROI.
  4. Entry door replacement has an ROI of 74.9% because your front door creates a beautiful first impression.
  5. Minor kitchen updates, such as refinishing cabinets or replacing your countertops can create a major visual impact in the eyes of a buyer, and has an ROI of 80.5%.

Check out our infographic for more information.

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