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Home Energy Saving Tips for Winter

Professional Home Energy Saving Tips for Winter

Wintertime is here and before you start turning up the thermostat, it is important to consider how you can save on or improve the energy you use in your home this season. Our craftspeople have gathered a few tips about how your home can save energy this winter. From insulation, regulating temperature, updates, and more, your home can be an efficient energy user and save you on those home energy bills every month.


The most important part of your home energy is insulation. In both summer and winter as you use your heat or air-conditioning, insulation maintains and regulates how your home holds in and expels heat or the cold. If you have poor insulation, your home might not be holding onto the heat it is supposed to in the winter, and you spend more money trying to heat an inefficient home.


Drafts in your home can eat a hole in your budget if they go unnoticed. Drafts in your windows and doors can let in a lot of cold air or let a lot of your heat escape from your home. Quick fixes would be shrink wrapping your windows in the winter if there are major drafts or purchasing a small weatherstrip to put on the bottom of your door. An easy way to tell if your door has a big enough opening for a draft is to open the door over a piece of paper on the ground. If the paper is left undisturbed and is not dragged by the door, you have a gap that needs to be covered.

When the winter ends, it will be important to consider investing in new windows if you have a major draft problem. Efficient windows will save money on your gas/ heating bill in the long run.

As you look into how you can improve how your home handles energy, look for local handymen to help out. Schedule multiple estimates to ask the professionals questions or to get a good idea of how much a project would cost. You will want to find a handyman who is here to do the best they can for you.

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