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Home Flooring: A Guide to Flooring Your Kitchen and Bathrooms

Discover Home Flooring Tips and Tricks in a Guide to Flooring Your Kitchen and Bathrooms

You want to update the flooring in your house, in the kitchen and bathroom in particular. Both of these rooms get high traffic use and have specific needs that must be met. When you are picking out what flooring works the best for you, here are some tips and tricks for home flooring.

What You Need

Every part of your home has a different purpose and use. As a silly example, the living room can be carpeted for comfort, but carpet in a kitchen would be a nightmare with the threat of spills. Before you pick out a type of tile because it matches your color scheme, consider your needs and options.

Different kinds of home flooring have different benefits. Make sure you do your research. For example, authentic hardwood floors may be sealed and stained, but they can still be stained by water. This is why linoleum or laminate flooring might work better for a kitchen or bathroom. There are many choices but think if your flooring needs to be waterproof, if it needs to be scratch resistant for pets, and more.


Luckily for you, home flooring comes in a wide variety of styles and materials nowadays. You can choose the authentic classics like stone, wood, and ceramics, but more affordable and durable options exist such as linoleum and laminate flooring which can mimic those natural looks or any color and style along with scratch resistant, waterproof, and cheaper costs.

Your budget isn’t just for the flooring either. Make sure you set money aside for padding, waterproofing, and/ or caulking floors such as tile around the base of a built-in bathtub.


Depending on the type of flooring, there are different methods of installation. Linoleum flooring and other synthetic types can come in rolls to be cut to fit your room, or in pieces and tiles to be placed, and wood floors might have tongue and groove installation. Considering how much time it might take to install a floor on your busy schedule, hiring a professional contractor to complete the job is another option to save you the hard work.

When you are ready to pick out and install your new update of home flooring, our contractors and carpenters are here to lend you a hand or any advice that you may need. Take your time and pick out the home flooring that best fits your home and lifestyle.

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