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How to Fix a Sliding Screen Door

A sliding screen door is a great way to feel like the outdoors are part of your home without bugs and other critters actually getting into your home. However, sliding screen doors can break or stick when you try to pull it open or closed. Luckily, fixing your sliding screen door is actually quite easy. 

How to Fix a Sliding Screen Door that Won’t Move

Clean the Track

Always try cleaning the track first. Dust, dirt, sand, pet hair and other debris can accumulate in the track making the door stick when you try to pull it. First, just try to clean this out and that may fix your problem. There are many DIY cleaning solutions you can easily make to help clean it out. Spray some of the solution in the track and take an old toothbrush and scrub out all the debris.  

Replace the Wheels

If that doesn’t work you may need to replace the wheels. You will first need to remove the screen door from the track. Then remove the old wheels and go to your local hardware store to buy replacements. Remember to take the old wheels with you to ensure you buy the correct wheels for your screen door. Luckily, once you have cleaned out the track your wheels will last longer because they won’t get caught on any debris. 

Straighten the Frame

You may also need to try straightening the frame. This is an easy fix as well. The metal frame around a sliding screen door is usually made from a lightweight material that can warp, bend or get damaged easily. Once the door is removed from the track check for areas that looked warped and bend them in the opposite direction, this will help straighten out the frame. 

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