Storage  /  August 7, 2020

Clean Out Your Garage with These Tips

The garage is infamous for chaotic storage, creepy bugs, and stuff you forgot even existed, and that’s what can make us all procrastinate cleaning out the garage. We’ve broken overhauling your garage into some bite-size tips.

#1. Pick a nice day with no rain on the forecast and take everything out of your garage. And we do mean everything. It’s going to be easier to clean, sort, and organize when your garage is emptied out. It also means that less will find its way back into your garage as you sort through the items, throw things out, and put other items in their proper home. You want to start with a blank slate.

#2. Sweep your garage out (large push brooms are great for this) and take care of any spider webs, roaches, ants, or mice. If necessary, use a cleaning solution to really freshen things up.

#3. Assess your garage space and decide if you want to use it for storage, a parked car, woodworking shop, or something else. Obviously, however you decide to use your cleaned out garage space is going to impact how much stuff you put back into it.

#4. Use the three basic categories of keep, donate, and trash to sort through the items you cleaned out of your garage. Once you have donated and thrown out all the things you won’t be keeping, you can create a plan of attack for organization.

Keeping Your Garage Cleaned Out: Organization

#1. Two words: vertical storage. The key is going to be getting your stuff up off the floor and keeping it off the floor. And don’t think about only shelves; garages are where you can invest in slat walls, peg boards, hooks, and much more.

#2. Put the tools, sports equipment, and such that you use the most near the front of the garage. These are the things that you’re going to want to keep most accessible. Remember: when it comes to organization, simplicity is better because you must have a usable, reality-friendly system—one that’s going to hold up in the busyness of life.

#3. Clear bins are a great investment when cleaning out your garage because you can easily identify the contents of each bin without having to take the bin off the shelf and open the lid.

#4. Keep the things that shouldn’t be in your garage out of your garage—we’re talking paint, papers (especially important ones), photograph, vinyl records, electronics, etc..

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