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Why Having a Handyman Is a Must When Owning a Vacation Home

A vacation home is supposed to be just that: a home that is away from home, a place for rest and leisure. Owning a vacation home is supposed to be like owning a private oasis, like having your very own island of sanity amid the ever-increasing speed (and insanity) of everyday life.

Owning a Vacation Home? Here’s why you need a Handyman.

According to Murphy’s Law, whatever can go wrong will go wrong. Unfortunately, your vacation home is no exception.

So while you’re taking a weekend away from the office with your family, the septic will overflow. The basement will flood. The AC unit will die during a sweltering summer. A storm will send a tree limb through a window. When you’re supposed to be relishing that novel you’ve been waiting to read, the freezer’s icemaker will inexplicably start leaking water everywhere.

We’ve all had it happen—a vacation gone wrong, anywhere from inconvenient to all out disaster. But one of the difficult parts of owning a vacation home is that you can’t simply phone the front desk of the hotel and ask for another room when the bathroom is flooding.

This is why having a trusted handyman on call is absolutely necessary when you own a vacation home. Your local handyman will know the most lasting and efficient fix for your home away from home, but he will also be able to give you back your relaxing weekend.

That means you’ll spend less time puzzling over why your water heater isn’t working and more time getting much-needed rest. You’ll spend less time walking the aisles of a hardware stores and more time playing games with your family. You’ll spend less time feeling frustrated while you wrestle with a leaky faucet and more time enjoying the local restaurants.

Vacation gone wrong? Call Handyman Connection.

So next time Murphy’s Law strikes while you’re vacationing, call or text our local Handyman Connection office, and we will give you a free estimate and put you in contact with one of our trusted, reliable handymen, local to your vacation home. We know a handyman is a must-have for vacation properties, and that is why we’re here to connect you with professionals you can depend on to make sure your vacation home stays just that: a home for resting.

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