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A Guide To Decluttering Your Home

This summer, you may be spending a lot more time at home. Spending more time at home gives you more opportunities to work on decluttering and organizing the spaces frequently used by you and your family. Consider a few of our tips to achieve a cleaner and more organized house this summer.

Create A Sorting System

Before you start the decluttering process you should create a sorting system. A sorting system is a perfect way to organize your clutter. It allows you to create piles of items you want to keep and piles of items you may want to get rid of.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Next, you should get rid of the clutter. Once you have your pile of the items you want to get rid of, its time to actually get rid of these items. Decide whether they need to be thrown away or if they can be donated or sold. Don’t be afraid to get rid of these items and ask yourself the question, “Have I used this in the past year?”

Clean and Organize Drawers

Its common to clean your home by stuffing your drawers. Instead, take time to declutter these drawers. If you have multiple cluttered drawers, go one at a time.

Declutter Your Garage

Organize your garage for added storage around your home. Installing shelves in your garage is the perfect way to begin organizing your home. If you would like to add storage in your garage then call Handyman Connection.

Install Shelving

Just like the shelving in your garage, Handyman Connection can add shelving in other places in your home, like your laundry room, mudroom or basement. All of these places are a great way to add storage and creates a more organized home.

Call or text your local Handyman Connection office for home shelving installation.

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A Guide to Decluttering Your Home - Handyman Connection

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