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7 Smart Ways to Secure Your Home From Burglars

Your home is a safe haven for the people you love and your precious belongings. Failure to secure your home means you put your possessions and your loved ones in danger because criminals are inclined to infiltrate your house to make a quick buck. It is your job to make it tough for them by eliminating the opportunity to break-in. 

Do remember that studies show that more burglaries occur in the summer. However, this doesn’t mean you can be complacent during the colder season. You must be vigilant about crime prevention all the time by taking the necessary precautions inside and outside your home. Consider the following tips so your home won’t fall prey into the hands of thieves:

Lock Your Windows

One of the most favorite entry points of robbers is your windows. People love to leave them open to let the breeze come in for the air to circulate. Sadly, this is seen as an invitation for thieves to come in. Instead, place locks on your windows, especially in the ground floor and basement areas, to make it harder for nasty thieves to gain access into your house. Lock them during the day and night. Most people fear that burglaries occur at night, but in reality, they happen during the day when most people are busy at work, school, or out running errands. As such, you must take preventive measures round the clock to ensure your home remains secure.  

Get a Dog

A dog is dubbed as a man’s best friend for a good reason! Keeping a canine companion lowers the risk of having burglars infiltrate your home. Dogs have keener senses of hearing and smell, so they begin barking when they feel a stranger is approaching. Having a pet dog is like possessing an early warning device. Best of all, when a stranger manages to come in, your dog will protect you with its sharp teeth.  

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Remember the good, old neighborhood watch? There is definitely merit to that program. Being neighborly means, you have a trusted person close by who can help you when you’re in a bind. When you leave on vacation, you can keep an eye out for each other’s houses. More burglaries occur in the summer when people are out taking their breaks. However, if you have a friendly neighbor supervising your property, you diminish the chances of a break-in. The crime rate is proven to be lower in tightly knit communities where people care about each other. With many eyes on the lookout, it is easy to spot a lurking stranger. 

Light Up the Landscape

Put a spotlight on potential intruders before they can even touch your doors. One thing that thieves hate is getting caught. If your perimeter is well-lit, this is a deterrent for them because no one wants to be seen. Place high powered LED lights in key points of your exterior fence. You can also put extra lighting with motion detectors. Any vulnerable access points must have illumination to dissuade criminals from breaking in. 

Lock Down Your Wi-Fi Network

You must be vigilant about locking your Wi-Fi network if you are truly concerned about security. In today’s modern world, hackers and cybercriminals abound. They use specialized software to access your wireless network. Locking it means you prevent unauthorized access, keeping your data and personal information safe. If you’ve chosen a smart door lock, you can keep your password safe. 

Put an Alarm System 

One of the best burglar deterrents is an alarm system. Though it may sound inconvenient to arm the alarm each time you leave your house, it will protect you against home invasion, especially when you are not around. Tripping will alert the neighbors and security organization your installer is affiliated with. Couple this with tiny warning sticker signs in your windows and yard signs that your home is manned with an alarm system. Since thieves hate getting caught, they don’t waste their precious time and resources in properties that are difficult to access. 

Fortify Your Fence

If you don’t have one already, building a fence is an excellent way to ward off unwanted people off your property. Some people opt for a simple open chain-link fence or an ornamental one with shrubbery. In contrast, some people prefer solid walls and fancier gates with pointed tops. To beef up your fence protection, add security cameras in key points. When thieves see cameras surrounding your property, they think twice about going near your home. 

Final Word

Making your home burglar-proof doesn’t have to break that bank. You can fortify your residential protection with a few affordable updates. The main objective to keep in mind is never to overlook simple steps that are the cornerstone of home security. Keep your doors and windows well-locked, hide your valuables, and be friendly with your neighbors. Most of all, never advertise your vacations which is the primary reason more burglaries occur in summer. Implementing these theft-proof measures means you can truly enjoy your home with peace of mind. 

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