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10 Home Projects to Help Keep Cool Without AC

Summer is in full swing around the country, which means we’re in for good beach days but also some sweltering heat. Here are ten home projects to get you out of the sun and help you keep cool without AC.

How to Keep Cool Without AC this Summer

#1. Wipe down your baseboards and trim. – A quick wipe down goes a long way because we all know it’s the little things that make a house feel fresh.

#2. Install new electrical outlets. – It always seems like there are never enough outlets—especially in a home office. In just an hour or two, you can add in new outlets to the zones in your home where you find yourself always hunting for (and never finding) a plug-in.

#3. Create a seed-starting station. – Turn the empty space in your laundry room into the perfect place for starting this year’s garden. Set up a wire shelf rack, hang some fluorescent full-spectrum lights, and you’re all set to start growing!

#4. Clean the grout between your tiles.

After a while, grout gets gross—there’s no way around it. However, some simple pantry basics like baking soda, vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide and a stiff bristled brush will refresh your grout in no time. Plus, being on the cool tile is sure to help you keep cool without AC. Pro-tip: do not use chlorine bleach on grout!

#5. Set up a home coffee bar. – If you’re a coffee enthusiast, this one’s for you. Using a small bookcase, cabinet, or floating shelves, it’s easy to create a space for your coffee maker, French press, coffee grinder, mugs, filters, and teas.

#6. Refurbish your coffee table or end tables. – Make an old coffee table look new (or old) with some paint and stylish hardware!

#7. Invest in vertical storage for your home. – Shelves help make the most of any space, especially storage spaces like your laundry room, closets, and garage.

#8. Replace all the batteries in your smoke detectors. – Just grab some batteries and a ladder, and you’re well on your way to oft-forgotten but much-needed basic home maintenance.  

#9. Install under-cabinet lighting. – Brighten up your kitchen—literally! This helpful, simple project makes a big impact on one of the home’s most important rooms.

#10. Update your walls. – Whether it be repairing holes and repainting, simply hanging new pictures, or designing a gallery wall, this is the perfect time to bring a new look to your living space.

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