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Should You Repair or Replace Your Siding?

Over time you will need to update the siding on your home, siding repair is important to keep up with. Siding is important in protecting your home and there are a few ways to tell if your siding needs to be replaced. Here are 5 signs it’s time to repair or replace your siding.

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1.Cracked Siding
If you notice that your siding is cracked in a few areas consider just repairing those few places, however, if you notice cracks throughout all the siding on your home it’s a sign that you need to replace all of it.

2. Increased Electricity Bills
Older siding doesn’t insulate your home as well as new siding. If you noticed that your bills are getting increasingly more expensive, consider taking a look at your siding. It may be time for siding repair.

3. Home Interior Paint is Peeling
If the paint inside your home begins to peel this could be a sign that your siding is allowing moisture into your home.

4. Dry Rot
If your home is older you may have dry rot on your siding. This is when your fungus eats away at the wood on your home. It’s important to look out for dry rot. If you notice any, you should replace your siding.

5. Blistered Siding
Your siding may blister if it is exposed to a lot of moisture over time. If you notice blistering in your siding it’s time to call a craftsman!

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