Newsletter  /  July 10, 2019

How to Clean a Composite Deck

Composite decks come with a lot of perks, including low-maintenance features that make them a cinch to take care of. Low maintenance isn’t the same as no maintenance, however, and your deck will require a little TLC from time to time. To keep it looking its best throughout the seasons, take a look at this how-to from Handyman Connection.

  1. Sweep it clean. When preparing to deep-clean your composite deck, it’s important to start with as clean a surface as possible. Using a soft-bristled broom that won’t scratch the composite surface, thoroughly sweep off any dust or debris you find on the deck.
  2. Rinse, don’t scrub. Once all loose dirt, pollen and debris has been removed from the surface of the deck, it’s time to start cleaning. With a composite deck, you don’t need to resort to time-consuming scrubbing. Instead, start by rinsing the deck with a soap and water mixture to gently remove the majority of the dirt. After another rinse with clean water, inspect the deck for stubborn spots that may need further attention.
  3. Search for trouble spots. While you don’t need to scrub and scour the entire deck in order to get it clean, more than likely there will be areas with marks or stains that don’t quite come clean with the rinse. For scuffs and spots left behind by pets, kids, lawn furniture or potted plants, some focused scrubbing with a soft scrub brush will help remove them. Routinely removing stubborn, stuck-on debris will help prevent the staining of your deck over time.
  4. Lay down protective rugs and mats. Once your deck is nice and clean, keep it that way longer by putting down a layer of protection. An outdoor rug under your deck furniture and a mat under your grill are a good start, and will help protect your deck’s composite material from getting scratched and stained when entertaining or otherwise enjoying your outdoor space.

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