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Closet Organization Ideas for Any Space

It doesn’t take much for a bedroom closet to become a disorganized mess, full of outdated clothes that no longer fit, shoes that are no longer worn and other accessories that are no longer needed or used regularly. As overwhelming as the thought of organizing your closet may seem, there are quite a few simple tricks you can use for closets large and small that will help you achieve and maintain an attractive, well-ordered space.

  • Install custom cabinets. The bedroom closet is an area that requires a good deal of storage room, and adding shelves to a closet by incorporating custom-crafted cabinets will give you plenty of space to work with. It’s also recommended to work with a skilled designer who can help you choose exactly which styles, colors, finishes and accessories will work best for your closet.
  • Utilize hanging organizers. For closets that aren’t quite big enough to allow for cabinetry, hanging organizers provide an inexpensive alternative. Most of these organizers attach directly to your curtain rod using metal hooks or velcro tabs, and hold a number of shelves and sometimes even drawers where you can store various types of clothing and accessories. Other options include front-to-back clothing bars, valet rods and pull-out garment racks.
  • Coordinate your hangers. While having matching hangers may seem like a minor detail, it actually can make a difference in the way your clothes hang and line up. When the hangers are uniform in shape and size, your clothes tend to stay in place better, and it becomes easier to locate what you’re searching for. In addition, matching hangers are more aesthetically appealing.
  • Use baskets and bins to get yourself organized. See-through baskets and bins work well for things such as socks, underclothes, scarves and other small items. Just be sure to label each bin clearly and always return things to their designated spot, or you’ll end up wasting time pawing through various baskets each time you want to find something.

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