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4 Simple Ways to Create a Greener Home

Creating a greener home doesn’t come without reward. There are several benefits you can receive as a homeowner from living an eco-friendly lifestyle, including preserving your health (and that of your family), and saving money long-term. Consider implementing these quick and inexpensive home solutions shared by your favorite handyman company, Handyman Connection, to make your home a little greener today.

  • Invest in energy-efficient bulbs. Lighting has come a long way from the incandescent bulbs most of us grew up with. While compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) were one of the first to be touted as an energy-conscious alternative to incandescents, LED lights are the real star of the show nowadays. The absence of mercury in the bulbs means LEDs last much longer – from four to eight times longer! LEDs also have better light quality than CFLs. If you like the look of incandescents in pendants and other hanging light fixtures, go for halogen bulbs, which are less energy-efficient than LEDs but also use less energy than CFLs, particularly if you dim them down when full light isn’t needed.
  • Perform an energy audit. Audits are for more than just taxes. Having a thorough energy audit done on your home allows you to see how much energy you’re using and the areas where you’re using it most, which will help you determine where you can cut back on your energy use. And it only takes a couple of hours!
  • Unplug electronics. You know the little indicator lights that remain on after you’ve turned off your appliance or electronic device? Those glowing lights can still draw power, even when the item is off, so be sure to unplug these products from the wall when they’re not needed. Using them in conjunction with a power strip makes it easy, as you can flip the switch on the strip as you leave the room and quickly cut power to multiple items at once.
  • Check the labels. When you go to buy a large appliance such as a refrigerator, dishwasher, or washing machine, or even things such as light bulbs or attic insulation, remember to look for the ENERGY STAR® label. Products bearing this label will save you the most energy out of any of the other options on the market, and will be the most likely to help you maintain a sustainable and energy-efficient home.

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