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Tile Flooring Trends for 2018

2018 is here, which means you have probably resolved to make some home improvements. If you want to remodel but don’t have enough money for a large-scale project, consider updating the look of your home with these tile flooring trends predicted to be popular this year.

Porcelain Plank Tiles

Hardwood floors are beautiful, but they can scratch easily and don’t do well in areas that tend to get damp. Porcelain plank tiles, which mimic the natural wood grain of hardwood, allow you to have the best of both worlds, giving you the same look but with less maintenance and more durability. This means that you can finally enjoy the look of hardwood in your bathroom or other moisture-prone areas without having to worry about moisture damage or rot.

Checkerboard Patterns

While the revival of old-fashioned checkerboard designs for tile floors may not be embraced by everyone, for some they provide a fun and interesting contrast to more traditional flooring. If you feel the black-and-white checkered pattern common to this design seems too harsh, the effect can easily be toned down with the use of softer, lighter colors.


“Rugging” is a new trend in tiling that involves creating a block of patterned tiles surrounded by solid-colored tiles, producing a rug-like effect. This trend is particularly useful for maintaining the flow in homes with an open floor plan, allowing homeowners to zone off certain areas for specific uses (i.e. dining room, living room) without having to use physical barriers. In this way, you’re able to have a “rug” to anchor the room that is much easier to keep clean than the woven version.

Textured Tile

Smooth surfaces can be a little boring, which is why textured tiles are coming into play for 2018. Especially popular are slate split-face tiles, which feature strips of natural slate of varying depths and widths layered together. The resulting look is attractive and interesting, and can also work well on a bathroom backsplash. There are other varieties of textured tile to choose from which are easier to walk on and still look amazing.

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