Newsletter  /  October 24, 2017

Keeping Your Home Safe During the Holidays: 3 Tips

It’s important to be especially vigilant with your privacy during the holidays, because the number of burglaries greatly increase around this time of year. This is due to the fact that burglars know that many houses are full of shiny new toys (for kids and adults alike). To keep your home safe and avoid giving potential thieves clues as to what might be in your house – and when you are most likely to be away from it – follow these simple tips.

Limit social media posts. Burglars know that people like to post about their holiday plans online for all the world to see, and they’re experts at finding this information. If you must post on social media, be selective of what and when you post. That picture of your gorgeous Christmas tree surrounded by a pile of presents is definite no-no. If you’re going on vacation, don’t announce it to the world. Instead, wait until you return to share pictures online.

Keep the Christmas tree away from the window. As tempting as it is to display your beautiful tree in front of your main window, this is another bad idea. It’s sending burglars an open invitation to come take a look at what you’ve got. Be sure to keep blinds and curtains closed as well.

Upgrade your lighting. If your yard is dark and shadowy at night due to a lack of adequate outdoor lighting, it’s time for an upgrade. You don’t want so many lights that you disturb your neighbors, but you do want a well-lit yard to deter criminals. The better lit your yard is, the less likely it is that a burglar will invade your house and run the risk of being recognized or caught. A couple of carefully placed motion-activated flood lights are a must, as well as other motion-activated lighting situated near all the entrances to your home.

Count on a Handyman

If you need help installing those new outdoor lights or if you have other projects that need to be completed before the rush of the holidays, Handyman Connection can help. Give us a call at 1-800-88-HANDY and we’ll get you started with a free estimate!



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