Newsletter  /  August 30, 2017

5 Back-to-School Organization Tips

  • Ease into the school routine. Send the kids to bed and wake them up on your school schedule at least a week before school starts.
  • Set up a family bulletin board. Set up a family bulletin board and/or calendar to keep appointments organized. With the family, discuss upcoming events prior to the start of each week.
  • Lay out clothes for next day. Let your kids choose what to wear the night before to avoid last-minute indecision. If you really want to plan ahead, have them select a week’s worth of outfits.
  • Make lunches grab-and-go. The weekend before, divide up fruits and veggies into lunch-size portions. Place them along with deli meats, yogurts, cheese, spreads and other lunch items in one location in the fridge for fast lunch prep.
  • Designate a drop spot for backpacks. Keep your hallways and living areas clutter-free by teaching your kids to drop school gear in their designated cubby, or on a shelf or hook near the entryway. Keep your storage low so it’s easily accessible.

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