Newsletter  /  September 27, 2016

Halloween Home Safety Tips

Halloween is coming up very soon, so it’s a good time to start putting out your spooky decorations! Planning on pranking the kids or re-creating a haunted house on your front porch? Read our list of Halloween safety tips to make sure everyone has a safe evening:

  1. Make your home safe for trick or treaters. Make sure your front yard, walkway, and steps are swept and free of debris. And remove anything, like flowerpots or hoses, that could cause people to trip in the dark.
  2. Use Christmas lights to illuminate the path to the door.
  3. Make sure scary gags are harmless. Having lots of decorations that pop up and scare trick or treaters is great — just make sure they’re safe. Instead of shovels or pitchforks, opt for rubber/fake alternatives.
  4. Keep pets locked up. Even friendly pets can become a handful when costumed kids keep showing up at the door. And you never know which trick or treater might be allergic to cats and/or dogs.
  5. Make sure your Jack o’ Lantern isn’t a fire hazard. Place the candle inside a shallow dish or can to prevent it from becoming a hazard if it tips over inside the pumpkin. Or simply use a flameless, battery-operated LED candle.

Handyman Connection wishes you and all of your little ghosts and goblins a very safe and happy Halloween!

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