Newsletter  /  August 30, 2016

The Top Home Trends for 2016

Looking to make a big change in your home, but not sure where to begin? Each year, thousands of designers, builders and media professionals meet to discuss the latest and greatest products and technologies during Design & Construction Week. Here are their picks for the Top Home Trends for 2016:

    1. Low Maintenance/High Design – More than ever, homeowners are willing to spend their money on low-maintenance home features. Items or materials that fall into this category include quartz countertops, the newest stainless-steel appliances that resist scratches and fingerprints, and composite decking material. All of these items add luxury to your home without adding time-consuming maintenance.
    2. Luxury Appliance Suites – It seems kitchen appliances are getting smarter by the minute…and consumers are loving it! This year saw the launch of Signature Kitchen Suite. This line of super-premium appliances promises superior performance with modern features. All Signature Kitchen Suite appliances are WiFi enabled and equipped with their proprietary technology, allowing you to connect with your appliance from your mobile device. Not to be outdone, Samsung’s The Family Hub™ refrigerator is also WiFi enabled and features a touchscreen that allows you to manage grocery lists and notes for family members.
    3. Restaurant Features in the Home – Restaurant-quality equipment continues to be popular with home cooks, but the trend has moved beyond the commercial 6-burner stove. Specialized cooking devices, like counter-depth, gravity-fed charcoal smokers and outdoor wood-fired ovens are growing in popularity.
    4. Adding Smart Technology to Save Money and Resources – With the emphasis on sustainability and green living, many homeowners are choosing to add “smart” technology to their home in order to reduce use of resources and increase savings over time. One particular product, the AquaBoy Pro II, is capable of making up to 5 G/18.9L of purified water a day from the surrounding air. Tankless water heaters continue to rise in popularity, as they only deliver hot water when it’s needed.



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