Newsletter  /  March 29, 2016

5 Simple Tips to Improve the Value of Your Home

Are you looking for some simple ways to quickly improve the value of your home? The experts at Handyman Connection are here to share five tips that can instantly add value to your humble abode…and remember, we’re always here when you need help with any of these items!

  1. Update the fixtures in your kitchen – this includes lighting, faucets, drawer and cabinet pulls.
  2. Update your appliances – make sure your appliances are all the same finish. Often, you can order a new door or face panel from the appliance manufacturer.
  3. Update your bathroom with a new, water-saving toilet and new faucets.
  4. Hire a professional to fix loose electrical wires and repair faulty outlets.
  5. Update your home’s entry with a new handleset and a beautiful, new door.

Maintaining a home isn’t an easy job…that’s why we are here to help you maintain and add value to your largest investment. Call Handyman Connection today for a free, no-obligation project estimate and let’s talk about the ways that we can help add value to your home!

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