Home Improvement  /  January 4, 2016

New Year, New Shower Gear

Happy New Year! For many of us, we start the new year by beginning to think about ways to improve our home. If you are new to home redesigning, an easy place to start is in one of the smaller spaces of your home:  the bathroom.

A small, yet impactful bathroom update is replacing your shower heads. For many new homeowners, replacing shower heads is far from their minds when they think of home improvement, but here’s an interesting fact– hundreds of bacteria and microbes can be accumulate on your shower head after just a year of usage! Also, using bleach to clean and disinfect a shower head is often not effective. There’s a University of Colorado Boulder study that shows that bleach does cannot get rid of all the bacteria in our shower heads. And while they are a more cost-friendly approach, did you know that plastic shower heads are more likely harbor bacteria than their all-metal counterparts?

It’s pretty clear to see that periodically replacing your home’s shower heads is extremely important to protect your entire family from bacteria. Do you think you’re ready to begin this process of replacing your bathroom gear? If you have any questions on getting started, don’t hesitate to give Handyman Connection a call today. Also, check out more information regarding our home services here!

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