Home Maintenance  /  August 31, 2015

Savvy Ways to Reduce Your Summer Utility Bills

In the sweltering summer heat, the easiest way to cool down indoors seems to be by blasting your air-conditioning. However, actions like these can cause a drastic increase in your summer utility bills. US News Online previously published an article with ways to reduce your summer’s bills.

Some of the easy day-to-day ways you can save on your utilities include: unplugging devices when not in use, closing doors and vents to close off areas of the house you’re not using, and turning off the lights. Seems easy enough, but often times homeowners forget that these little actions add up!

For bigger saves, consider these options:

Using ceiling fans. Overhead fans get the air circulating, which can lower the room temperature by several degrees and creating a breeze to cool your skin. Also, a beautiful ceiling fan can increase the aesthetics of the room!

Adding insulation. Homes can leak cool air during the summer (and warm air in the winter) because of spaces in between walls. Filling any gaps with insulation allows for less leakage.

Get your AC inspected. Ensure that your systems are leak free and operating as efficiently as possible! If needed, our handymen can clean the air filters.

For more information on how we can help you be smart in making your home more energy-efficient, contact your local Handyman Connection and speak with one of our expert craftsmen. With over 20 years of experience in the home improvement industry, we can work with you to determine what type of easy home project may be the best summer investment to pursue for your home.

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