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Is Preventative Home Maintenance Really That Important?

Is preventative home maintenance really that important? If you are looking for the quick and easy answer, the answer is — YES.

If you own a car, you probably provide your vehicle with regular oil checks and maintenance so your car will last long term and also to ensure that there no issues preventable issues. Also consider your home’s preventative maintenance similar to your yearly health physical you get for yourself. If you are proactive, rather than reactive, you are more likely to catch issues as they arise, ultimately saving you from bigger issues that could have happened. It’s important, as homeowners, to have a home maintenance system in place so you can make sure to catch any home issues before they get out of hand. To prevent breakdown and to keep your home looking it’s best, make sure to check your exterior, appliances, heating/cooling, plumbing, security, and electrical systems every so often! The goal is to have your home last as the years pass by.

Some important things to always fix quickly include:

  • Leaks – Any sort of water damage can prove to be extremely costly. Catching and fixing leaks quickly can hopefully prevent long term damage.
  • Renewing the Finish on Hardwood Floors – The trick to significantly extending your floor life is to refinish the wood before the old finish wears through.
  • Protect Your Foundation – Check for any foundational issues (walls, floors). If caught late, these issues can prove to be very costly.

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