Gutters  /  August 26, 2015

Clean Gutters = Clean Conscience!

We get it…and we are on your side. This summer has been flying by and you’re busy with family get-togethers, neighborhood barbecues, and outdoor fun with your kids! During the rainy summer season, maybe you traveled somewhere with warmer weather to get away from your neighborhood. And in the midst of it all, you might have forgotten about your gutters and the junk that may have been piling in them throughout the last few months.

Perhaps you have been prolonging de-cluttering your gutters knowing in the back of your mind, you really should! In case you have forgotten, here are some of the many risks that come with skipping out on clearing your gutters:

  1. Blockages. As leaves and debris build up in your guttering system, blockages form and can cause back ups onto the roof and other parts of your house. This can eventually cause rotting and mold!
  2. Mold. Mold can be extremely hazardous to your health and can spread very quickly. If your rain gutter is held up by wood, water that gushes over the sides of the gutter because it is not clean can cause the wood to rot. This can lead to more severe and costly problems!
  3. Exterior Damage. Overly full gutters can be extremely heavy. It can cause bends in your gutters which can greatly affect your home’s exterior aesthetics.
  4. Interior Damage. If gutters are extremely backed up and causing blockages, it can cause leakages which affect your home’s interior such as the walls and ceilings.

As we head closer to summer’s end, make sure that your home is properly gutter clutter free! At your local Handyman Connection you are sure to find experienced and excellent craftsmen who can safely and efficiently provide you peace of mind by decluttering your gutters. Give your local Handyman Connection a call with any questions today!

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