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Smart Ways to Invest Your Tax Refund Back into Your Home

In the midst of tax season, millions of Americans are already thinking about what they plan to do with their highly-anticipated tax refund check. Many will choose to use the money as a payment towards debt and some will prefer to engage in a shopping spree. However, what if there is an alternative option? One that will be a solid financial investment and also enjoyed as a personal pleasure?

HomeAdvisor, a leading online resource in the home industry, recently published an article outlining different projects homeowners could invest in with their tax refund check. Their findings are based on industry studies and feedback provided by contractors and homeowners who have completed the given projects.

Solar Water Heater Installation
By using sunshine to heat or preheat a home’s water supply, a substantial reduction in monthly electric bills can be expected. Depending on the system purchased, one can be eligible for afederal energy tax credit accounting for 30% of the cost.

Deck or Porch Addition
Features like these can make a positive impact in any home appraisal. Not only are they great for personal enjoyment, but the endless options for design and flexibility with cost make this investment an attractive project to pursue.

New Landscape
A freshly manicured landscape can benefit the exterior look of a home and greatly enhance its overall curb appeal. If the homeowner is looking to make a smaller investment, adding a custom-built pergola or trellis is an alternative option.

Flooring Upgrade
A standard kitchen or basic living room can imitate a complete remodel just by a replacement of flooring. Installing real hardwood or a luxurious style of carpet will add quality to the space and greatly increase the home’s value.

For more information on smart ways you can invest your tax refund check back into your home, contact your local Handyman Connection and speak with one of our expert craftsmen. With over 20 years of experience in the home improvement industry, we can work with you to determine what home project may be the best investment to pursue for your home.

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