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Plumbing Services in Saskatoon

Maybe you’ve been ignoring that dripping faucet. Or you realize it’s finally time to replace the toilet with a water-conserving model. No matter what your plumbing service needs, Handyman Connection of Saskatoon provides plumbers & craftsman to handle everything from stopping leaks and fixing shower heads to installing washing machine hookups and more. All of our plumbing work is performed by professionals who walk you through the process every step of the way for a simple and seamless experience. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.

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Saskatoon is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada, making it one of the fastest-growing as well. If you’re building in Saskatoon, you’ll need the assistance of a plumber. If you’re already settled, you’ll also need plumbing services Saskatoon professionals at some point. At Handyman Connection, we have the professionals you’re looking for. Whether you’re building a new home or are in need of a repair, let us handle your plumbing situation.

The Benefits of Choosing Handyman Connection

Handyman Connection in Saskatoon is committed to your satisfaction. As locals themselves, our technicians and professionals understand what you need most in plumbing services. Some benefits that come with choosing us include:
  • A wide range of plumbing services that include leaky toilet repair, toilet installation, supply line replacement, showerhead repair, adding new mixer valves, installing washing machine hookups, replacing bathtubs, installing faucets and more
  • All the craftsmen at Handyman Connection carry some type of insurance that offers a benefit to our customers
  • Many of our projects and services come with a one-year guarantee
  • We offer free home improvement estimates for every job

When You Should Call the Professionals

If you’re considering completing your plumbing job by yourself, take a minute to think of the risks. Plumbing is a specialized service that requires the experience you’ll only find in our trained technicians. Our professionals have that experience and training, ensuring your job will get done right and on time. If you’re wondering whether you should call a professional for the plumbing service you need, the following are some times it would be appropriate:
  • Remodeling the Home – Renovating or remodeling your home can be a fun experience, but there are certain elements you should have completed by a professional. This includes plumbing. If your remodel includes the bathroom, kitchen, mudroom or laundry room, give us a call.
  • Fixing a Leak – Plumbing leaks can go from bad to worse in a matter of minutes. Whether it’s a small, nearly unnoticeable leak, or you have a serious flood on your hands, our plumbers have the equipment and parts the fix will require.
  • Repairing a Problem – When you think about plumbing, you could probably come up with a long list of repairs that would need to be done in your lifetime. Perhaps you need the toilet unclogged. Maybe you need a new faucet installed on the sink. Your laundry room drain might be deteriorating, you could have a broken pipe in the wall and you might have a cracked bathtub. No repair is too big or too small for Handyman Connection in Saskatoon.
  • Renewing a Source – Sometimes an issue with the plumbing will cause your water to stop flowing altogether. This might be because you have a broken pipe where all the water is leaking out, or you might have an issue with the supply line. In any case, we have what it takes to renew your water source.
  • Improving the Pressure – Water pressure is an important aspect of most things you do with the water in your home. If you’ve noticed the shower isn’t quite as fulfilling, the washing machine takes too long to fill up or the dishwasher isn’t effective, we can check out and improve water pressure issues.

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At Handyman Connection, we are waiting to connect you with a plumbing services Saskatoon professional. Contact us today for your estimate.

Jobs We Specialize In:

  • Leaking toilets and leaking faucets
  • Installing toilets, flanges and wax rings
  • Supply line installation or replacement
  • Adding new mixer valves in showers
  • Moving drains and supply lines
  • Installing and repairing shower heads and steam showers
  • Repairing vent pipes and drain systems
  • Installing washing machine hookups
  • Toilet Installation or Replacement
  • Tub/Shower Installation or Replacement
  • Vanity Installation or Replacement
  • Faucet Installation or Replacement
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