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Drywall Repair & Installation in Saskatoon

Drywall is one of those things you really don’t notice in a home – unless it’s done wrong! That’s why it’s important to hire a professional you can trust for all of your drywall repair and installation needs. Whether you want to replace a damaged area with matching texture or start fresh, Handyman Connection of Saskatoon is your resource for reliable drywall installation, patching and replacement. Our work is performed by an experienced drywall handyman who will walk you through every step of the process for a simple and seamless experience. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.

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Although you may not think about the drywall in your home or place of business very often, this material is essential to both the appearance and functionality of each of your rooms. Without drywall, your space would be surrounded by exposed wood and hardware, making it unsightly, hard to clean and less usable. Whether you are constructing a new building or repairing problem spots in your current one, investing in quality drywall services is a must. At Handyman Connection, we specialize in installing drywall and carrying out a number of other home repairs for residents and business owners throughout the Saskatoon area.

When Do You Need Drywall Services?

The most obvious reason to call a craftsman to install drywall is that you are building a new home or place of business or are making major renovations to your current one. An experienced professional can ensure that the drywall is installed evenly and durably. You may also need the help of a drywall specialist to repair small areas that have been damaged for a variety of reasons. For example, you may notice that your walls have dents and dings from doorknobs or furniture bumping into them. Additionally, you may accumulate a few holes in the drywall over time due to drywall anchors, nails, throwing darts or countless other things. These types of damages can often be fixed by patching, mudding, texturing and applying new paint. Chronic issues that affect your building, including a leaky roof and a settling foundation, may also harm your drywall. Fortunately, water damage and cracks can also be resolved by a skilled craftsman, even if the affected area is quite large.

How Can Handyman Connection Help?

At Handyman Connection, we know how important every room in your home or place of business is. Whether you are entertaining guests, welcoming customers or simply relaxing on your own, you want your space to look tidy and be in good working condition. When you notice an issue with your drywall, we’re the team to call. We are equipped to take on various drywall jobs:
  • Installing fresh drywall
  • Framing before replacing drywall
  • Repairing holes
  • Flattening seams
  • Adding textures such as popcorn, orange peel and knock-down
  • Painting walls
Whether you need an entire room’s worth of drywall or simply a touch-up, it’s always best to rely on the help of professionals. This ensures that the resulting walls are smooth and match the others nearby. Our qualified team at Handyman Connection, for one, is dedicated to exceeding your expectations. We strive to complete every project with the utmost care and attention to detail so that the finished product holds up over time while looking great. On top of the meticulous work we do, we also value customer service. If you have questions or concerns about the home improvement process, we want to hear them. Our goal is to keep you involved throughout the home improvement process so that you are informed of each step and end up with results you love.

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When it’s time to build, renovate or repair your home or place of business, reach out to your local Handyman Connection for drywall services in Saskatoon. Though drywall may not be the centrepiece of your space, we aim to treat it like it is so that even this background feature is of the highest quality. Give us a call today to begin discussing your home repairs. We would love to set up your consultation and provide you with an initial estimate.

Jobs We Specialize In

  • Framing to install a patch or replacement
  • Patching holes in ceilings or walls
  • Repairing tape seams and nail pops
  • Installation of new drywall
  • Tape, mud and float seams
  • Prime before texturing to hide seams
  • Texture to match existing surface: flat, knock-down, popcorn and orange peel
  • Priming and painting drywall
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