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Plumbing  /  August 3, 2022

Who To Call for Bathroom Vanity Installation in Saskatoon

Bathroom vanity installation in Saskatoon

Consider upgrading your bathroom fixtures if you want to get the most value out of a home renovation. The bathroom vanity is an economical update that could give your bathroom a new style. Installing a bathroom vanity in Saskatoon takes skill, specific supplies and tools and knowledge of carpentry and plumbing. At Handyman Connection, we provide all of these to homeowners. 

Why You Should Avoid a DIY Installation

Some homeowners attempt to DIY their bathroom projects, like a bathroom vanity installation. At first glance, this project may seem like an easy job, but there are several things that make a vanity installation more challenging for the average homeowner. 

First, bathrooms are typically smaller spaces to work in, and installing a vanity in a tiny space may be extremely difficult for someone without contracting experience. Additionally, measuring, cutting and plumbing a new bathroom vanity are not easy tasks. The job could take much longer than anticipated. A DIY installation can also go very wrong, leaving a homeowner with expensive damages and a vanity that doesn’t function or fit.

Steps Involved When Installing a Vanity

The right way to install a bathroom vanity involves a series of steps. For best results, work with a contractor who has experience with plumbing and carpentry services. After you choose a vanity that fits your space and your style, the contractor will then locate the wall studs.

Then your contractor will place the vanity into position and fasten it to the wall. Some vanities have a separate sink top that also needs to be placed and installed in the final piece. The last part of the installation is hooking up all of the plumbing fixtures and using caulk to seal them.

Carpenter Bathroom Vanity Installation

One option is to have a carpenter install a bathroom vanity. Carpenters can help you choose a suitable vanity that works for your bathroom space. They can also customize a vanity by building a cabinet that fits the dimensions of your bathroom.

If the vanity or the bathroom wall has unusual specifications, a carpenter can make the fit more precise with wood spacer blocks and anchor screws. They can also ensure the vanity is level and looks perfect without damaging the bathroom’s drywall.

Plumber Bathroom Vanity Installation

Another contractor who can provide bathroom vanity installation is a plumber. A plumber’s expertise is primarily with the plumbing components that are part of a vanity installation. If your bathroom vanity is simple and doesn’t require customized carpentry work, a plumber may be the best professional to take on the job.

Before using a new vanity, your plumber will need to hook up all of the plumbing parts. The water supply needs to be connected to the sink’s faucet, and the drain needs to be hooked up to a drain trap. Some bathroom vanities have customized sink features, such as an automated soap dispenser or motion-activated faucets. These components are also best installed with a plumber.

Get a Gorgeous Bathroom Vanity in Saskatoon

When you want your bathroom upgrades to look as flawless as possible, only a professional will do. Contractors can easily install any type of bathroom vanity and save homeowners time and money from the aggravation of a botched DIY job. Handyman Connection can give your bathroom a quick transformation with a new vanity installation, which helps increase your home’s value and comfort.

Ready to replace an old vanity with something more modern and convenient? Contact Handyman Connection to find out about our plumbing services to help revamp your bathroom fixtures and create the ultimate relaxation bath and body space.

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