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Storage  /  August 24, 2021

Why Install A Pull-Out Trash Can For Your Kitchen?

Why Install A Pull-Out Trash Can For Your Kitchen_

In most kitchens, trash cans are either grossly visible or just in the way. Installing pull-out trash cans add space and remove unsightly garbage from the eating and prep areas. Handyman Connection in Toronto west and Etobicoke can assess your cabinet space and install a pull-out trash can in your kitchen.

What Is a Pull-out Trash Can?

A pull-out trash can is a trash can installed inside a cabinet on sliding hardware. Pull-out trash cans are usually smaller than traditional trash cans to be able to fit under and within cabinets. Sometimes, pull-out trash cans can be stationed in more of a drawer like pull-out for stability, but they often clip in near the bottom for easy unbagging and rebagging directly from the enclosure. Frequently, pull-out trash is combined with another bin for recycling, and both come out at once. 

Why Choose Pull-Out Trash Cans?

Consider the top five reasons to choose pull-out trash cans over traditional bins. 

1. Space 

You are increasing the space in the kitchen. Trash cans can block walkways and can decrease the area for seating. You can improve your space by considering storage solutions in Toronto west with professionals at the Handyman Connection.

2. Aesthetics

When either eating or prepping food, many people do not like the trash can to be in the line of vision. Some find trash in the same room as food to be gross, and some find it rude. Regardless, having it neatly tucked away inside cabinetry removes any ill feelings. 

3. Convenience

The trash directly under where you work, e.g., the sink, can be super handy when preparing food. Directly transferring any food waste or scrap from plates to the garbage can right there is helpful. 

4. Odour 

Having the trash can inside cabinetry, especially for those with a lid, can help conceal any trash odours. A bonus of having a smaller trash can is that it needs to be taken out more frequently. When taken out more often, the smells aren’t able to compound quite as much as in a traditional bin. 

5. Pests

The presence of ants, flies, or gnats can sometimes increase over the summer months when the weather is warmer. By keeping the trash can inside a sealed cabinet with a lid on, the chances of odours attracting bugs are decreased. If bugs are drawn, they face additional obstacles reaching the trash due to its cabinet location. 


If you are considering home renovations in Toronto West, be sure to consult with Handyman Connection about any potential drawbacks pull-out trash cans might have for your kitchen. Working with professionals, look for solutions for the following concerns:

  • Size

Pull-out trash cans are smaller than traditional trash bins. Depending on your ability to take the trash out frequently, this may not be ideal for you. The bags will be lighter, but the trips out will be more frequent. Another area of consideration is the amount of bags you will use in comparison with one larger bag. 

  • Access

Be sure to ask about the different ways to access the pull-out trash can. While the name suggests that you pull it out, there are also other opening mechanisms. A magnet-push or pop-open is a good option for those with fine-motor challenges or other disabilities that may make pulling open a cabinet more difficult. 

  • Space 

If your kitchen isn’t top-notch stocked on cabinetry and spacious prep areas, you may want to consult the professionals on what actual space will be saved. While pull-out trash cans do increase floor space, they also take away some cabinet storage space. Often the pull-out trash is stationed under the sink so you wouldn’t be losing any area for pots, pans, or food, but if this is where you store all your cleaning supplies, start thinking of a new home for them. 

Consult the professionals at Handyman Connection to assess your space and find out where a pull-out trash can be installed in your kitchen.

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