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Plumbing  /  January 27, 2022

Etobicoke Plumbing Repair: What Is A Toilet Flange?

What Is A Toilet Flange?

It takes a surprising number of unique components to make a toilet flush properly. If you think there may be something wrong with your toilet or you’re just curious how they work, explore this guide to toilet flanges. Look for the signs that you need plumbing services in Etobicoke today.

What Is a Toilet Flange?

This pipe fitting component is designed to prevent leaks as you flush your toilet. It sits at the end of the main drain line directly under your toilet. The wax ring on the bottom of your toilet sits on top of it.

The flange is secured to your flooring with screws and has holes for the bolts to run through. These bolts are used to hold your toilet in place. Without this piece, your toilet would just be sitting on the floor. Thank your toilet flange every time you use your toilet and it doesn’t fall over or shift around the room.

In a properly working bathroom, you won’t ever need to see or know about a flange. Unfortunately, incorrect installation or damage to your toilet could cause this part to be compromised.

What Does It Do?

A toilet flange, also known as a closet flange, is essential for creating a leak-free seal around the drain pipe. The flange not only allows you to use nuts and bolts to secure your toilet to the floor but also holds the wax ring in place to avoid leaking the contents of your toilet all over your floor and subfloor.

Most toilet flanges are made out of PVC, but there are a number of materials available. Your flange could be stainless steel, copper, brass, cast iron or even rubber. There are pros and cons of each material, but the most important thing is that yours isn’t cracked, damaged or missing.

What Are the Signs of a Damaged or Missing Flange?

You don’t need to worry about a missing flange if your toilet was professionally installed. In most cases, you’ll need to have a professional remove your toilet before you can see whether there’s a flange.

Improper installation, or just heavy use over time, can crack a closet flange. Ask a contractor about flange repair kits or replacing your entire toilet flange.

Unfortunately, the first sign of a flange issue for many homeowners is only noticed after a significant amount of damage has occurred. If your toilet is properly caulked around the base but has a compromised or missing closet flange, then there could be toilet contents leaking onto your floor and subfloor.

A leak can cause your flooring to rot or mould. Over time, it could compromise the subfloor and make it unsafe to sit on your toilet.

How Can a Flange Be Replaced?

Replacing a flange requires some plumbing experience and is best performed by a professional. The first step is to completely drain the toilet. Once this is done, the professional remove the two bolts and carefully lifts the toilet off the toilet flange.

The wax ring that helps form a seal between the toilet drain line and the closet flange will likely separate, leaving some on the toilet and some on the flange. These components need to be cleaned, which should be done cautiously because they’ve been exposed to the black water flushed down the toilet.

Reach out to a local plumber in Etobicoke to learn more about replacing your flange. If it’s seriously damaged or missing, then a plumber will need to use PVC glue and primer to safely install a new one.

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