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We offer a wide range of services for that fresh look, or just maintenance or updates to keep your home functioning and safe. Regardless of the size of the job, we have a craftsman that can tackle it. We offer a wide range of services for that fresh look, or just maintenance or updates to keep your home functioning and safe. Regardless of the size of the job, we have a craftsman that can tackle it.

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Storage  /  November 27, 2023

Garage Shelving Installation: Maximize Space with Professional Handyman Services in Etobicoke

Garage Shelving Installation_ Maximize Space with Professional Handyman Services in Etobicoke

Your garage is only as efficient as you make it. You might park your car, your mower, and your bike in it. Perhaps you store tools in the garage, whether they are seasonal or used every day. Holiday decorations are often tucked away in the garage, and old keepsakes seem to get buried in there. That’s a lot of stuff you need to keep situated, and with the right garage storage solutions, it can be handled efficiently.

At Handyman Connection, we provide the services that help homeowners organize their garages correctly. The solutions are as varied as the homeowners, and we take time to ensure we understand your needs and your vision.

The Benefits of Storage Solutions for Your Garage

If you’re torn on the idea of adding storage solutions to your garage, it might help to understand some of the benefits. They include:

  • Increased Value – Anything that makes life more convenient is going to increase the value of a home. Homebuyers also seem to look for extra storage space so their stuff doesn’t accumulate in their living spaces. If the garage has custom cabinets and easily accessible shelves, the value increases.
  • Maximized Space – If you look at square feet compared to cubic feet in your garage, you’ll realize there’s a lot of space that can be used. Perhaps your current storage system is placing boxes along the floor. Storing your items on custom shelves that reach from floor to ceiling will maximize the space. You might be able to store double or triple the amount of stuff you thought before utilizing our storage solutions.
  • Organized Clutter – For many homeowners, the garage becomes a dumping ground for outdoor toys, yard tools, auto repair tools, and more. With the right type of shelving and other storage solutions, everything can be organized to avoid clutter.

Options for Garage Storage

Garages come in all shapes and sizes. Some are already equipped with minimal storage solutions and others are bare. You might wonder if you should gut the garage and start with a fresh slate or try to work with what you’ve got. At Handyman Connection, we can help. After catching your vision, a handyman in Etobicoke will walk you through some of your options:

  • Material – What material works best for your space? Some common materials we use for shelving and custom renovations are wood, metal, and plastic.
  • Style – There are several styles we commonly use when installing storage solutions. A cube system might be effective for your space, or specialty shelves might work better. Hooks and racks might be required for your tools, and built-ins could finish off the space with a modern look.
  • Safety – Considering durability and weight capacity is essential to keeping your garage safe. Some items will need to stay on solid ground, while others can be suspended on pull-down shelves.

Services for Garage Renovations

Several solutions will be required when tackling home renovation services like garage storage. Carpentry is essential for custom shelves and cabinets, as well as for installing racks and hooks. If you store chargeable items in the garage, electrical work could be required. Installing drywall is another service we can add to your garage renovation, and painting and other finishing services will also help you complete the job. At Handyman Connection, we can do it all.

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Investing in professional handyman services for garage shelving installation can significantly maximize your available space. Your garage is full of possibilities, and not just because you’ve thrown everything in there. With the right services to manage your storage situation, the garage can become one of the most efficient spaces on your property. For a free storage solutions estimate, contact Handyman Connection today.

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